Atom Bomb

by EvilMrSod

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DDD 001-2014

Produced, written, recorded and performed by EvilMrSod


Cover Photo: Pia Rodríguez Rivero
Design: RockAttitudeDesigns



released July 30, 2014




Discos Del Demonio Leipzig, Germany

Discos Del Demonio is an internet label.
Fast recordings, fast releases.
We don't have plans. And we have millions of plans.
It's going to be at least an interesting ride.
Let it bleed...

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Track Name: Atom Bomb
Like an Atom Bomb inside your pain
Words destroy your little brain
Say it, say it, say it, say it
Ready to deny it one more time
Everything you know is a lie
Fake it, fake it, fake it, fake it

You got it under control, cowboy
You got it under control...
You got the strength of a horse,
The mind of a worm...
Go on!
Play with your atom bomb
Play with your atom bomb!!!

How many bills did you pay today?
Are you only stupid or also insane?
Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
Believed this week's brand new hype?
You think it's cool? Is that alright?
Wear it, bear it, fuckin' share it!
Track Name: Post-Punk, Pre-Folk, Fuck Off
Where did you get your ideas?
Cause it feels like Deja Vu all over again
You don't sound or feel sincere
No, I don't believe all your pain
Post-punk, Pre-folk, Fuck-off!
Post-punk, Pre-folk, Fuck-off!!!
How much did you pay for your tears?
How much do your knees already hurt?
You're a tad underfucked, my dear
And no, I'm not gonna buy your fuckin shirt
Post-punk, Pre-folk, Fuck-off!
Post-punk, Pre-folk, Fuck-off!!!
I got me a brand new violin
and a mandolin too!!!
Now I can sing about my problems,
just like I saw all my heroes do!!!!!
Post-punk, Pre-folk, Fuck-off!
Post-punk, Pre-folk, Fuck-off!!!